The best defense to protect your home and family is a comprehensive one.

A properly maintained garage door is critical for home safety and security. Your overhead garage door is the largest moving part of your home. It allows you, your vehicle and your family access to and from your home. Garage doors also provide protection and security against intruders and outside elements as well as the ability to save energy with proper insulation.

Moving garage doors can also cause serious or fatal injuries. Regular garage door maintenance ensures your doors and garage door openers work properly, keeping you and your family safe. Tasks such as installation and spring replacement should be done by a professional. However, you can inspect your door’s hardware and maintain springs, chains, and seals by lubricating them with white lithium grease yearly.

Review how your garage door works and educate your children letting them know that garage doors are not toys. It’s critical in protecting your family and keeping your door running smoothly for many years.

Garage Door Security and Home Safety Tips | Atlanta Entry Systems

Home Security and Garage Door Safety Tips

  1. Do not tamper with the manual emergency release mechanism on your garage door operator.
  2. Check to see if an automatic lock may be available for your garage door opener.
  3. Be sure to change your garage-door opener code, some come with factory-set codes that need to be changed.
  4. Keep the entry door between the garage and your house locked.
  5. Keep doors and windows locked. If you have windows, be sure to apply a frosted glass coating to make to prevent potential intruders from seeing inside.
  6. Arm your home with an entry system and security system for additional protection. Place security signs, to help deter break-in attempts.
  7. Do not place any valuables in a visible place to observers when the garage door is open.
  8. Participate in your neighborhood watch program.
  9. Keep your car door locked while it’s parked in the garage, and keep the garage door opener hidden.
  10. Consider installing a residential gate entry systems, it will add beauty, value, privacy, and security to your home.

If you have any questions about your garage door, it’s operating system, or need service, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.